"My wife and I worked with Jerry Ratch on four houses, three of them both buying and selling, seven transactions in all, and he proved to be knowledgeable, brilliantly strategic, and a superb communicator.

He knows the market extensively and in depth. He thinks three-dimensional when others think linearly, so he arrives at more sophisticated solutions. He has a feel for what is possible, what is sane, what is risky, and what is pie in the sky.

He is a teacher as well as a salesman, so he is a joy to do business with, and one always comes away the wiser and more human for the contact."  - Richard Grossinger


"We really enjoyed working with Jerry. We discovered him accidently while we were looking at open houses in different bay area cities. We liked talking to him and told him that we are starting to look for a house.

It took us more than two years to find the right house. Jerry was extremely patient and helpful during all that time. He carefully listened to what type of a house we wanted and more importantly where we wanted it to be situated. He selected only the deals that met our criteria.

When the time came to making an offer, Jerry suggested a strategy he thought had the highest chance of being accepted. He negotiated with us certain terms and got us additional discounts. The experience wasn’t stressful nor did we feel overextended.

Jerry made closing the deal as smooth as possible. He was present during all the stages: appraisal, inspection, and the signing at the title company. It was very helpful that Jerry came with us to sign the documents and he caught a mistake in the documents which was corrected right on the spot. We highly recommend Jerry. "- Alexandra Demidova and Blake Calrk


I’m writing to thank you for helping us find and buy our wonderful house. Once again, you’ve made this rather intimidating process straightforward and even enjoyable. We so appreciate your knowledge and experience and feel confident that we made a great decision on our house, with your help. Thanks again; we’ll be in touch when it’s time for house #3. and in the meantime we’ll continue to recommend you to all our friends!" - Erin Weltzien


"I would like to share my experience working with Realtor Jerry Ratch. 

Jerry represented the buyers in the sale of my house at 6053 Chabot Road.  He was quite professional, but very helpful and supportive.  In addition to his thorough knowledge of real estate in general and the area in specific, he had many good ideas which helped expedite the sale.  He paid great attention to detail.  During the transaction, he was great in communicating in a friendly courteous effective manner requests from the buyer.  His timely follow-up insured that the deal went through without a hitch. 

I would recommend him to buyers or sellers, without reservation.

Thanks for your good work, Jerry! "- Michael Berkowitz


"It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation regarding the excellent character, skills, and services that come with having Jerry Ratch as a real estate agent.

First, let me say that I have participated in 8 real estate transactions within the last 12 years. This experience has put me in contact with many agents and the attendant pluses and minuses that they bring to buying and selling a home. This is all to say that my experience goes beyond just knowing Jerry.

I met Jerry while house hunting … he was the “seller’s agent” on a property I looked at. Although I lost in the bidding process on that house, Jerry had made such a positive impression on me that when he called to say he had something that might interest me, I did not hesitate to accept his invitation to view that property. Jerry pointed out the hidden value in the property and mapped out a way to buy the house at a low price. Jerry became my “buyer’s agent” and his assistance in all aspects of the purchase made this the second best real estate transaction I made.

The best experience came when I sold the house. Jerry gave many hours to studying the data and presented various strategies for marketing the house. He was always available for questions from both myself and potential buyers. The end result: I sold the house for almost twice what I bought it for 3 years earlier … way beyond what other comparable properties were selling for. From beginning to end, this was all from following Jerry’s knowledgeable advice.

These two transactions have been the most hassle free, adult, human, and in the end profitable of all of the 8. I highly recommend Jerry Ratch to anyone seeking the very best service in either buying or selling real estate. Simply put: Jerry is a jewel.Sincerely" –Robert R. Bragg 


" Jerry put in innumerable special efforts for us, but one of the things he did that I never forgot was being patient with our month old daughter when we were looking for houses together. Very kind.   Jerry provided us with knowledge, wisdom, and support for our home search that lasted 5 years! I cannot imagine a real estate agent that knows the area better than Jerry. He has an almost eidetic memory and has already been in most houses we looked at. He will bring in details of transactions, locations, and other agents from years ago if they are pertinent today - absolutely invaluable. He is a strong negotiator and always available.   Jerry has been doing this for a long time and choosing him, as all our friends and their families have done, is one of the best ways to get the house you want at the price you can afford.   Thanks Jerry! "    -  Grant Wang